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About STAR

STAR is the cross-industry initiative, galvanising and driving market participants to define and shape recognised, industry-wide standards to promote good practice in transfers.

The problem

Industry systems and processes are inconsistent and transfer timeframes vary between providers. Service expectations are increasing due to the relative simplicity of switching in other markets and the availability and technological advancements.

Registration processes in the financial services industry can take between 2 and 450 days which the regulator, industry, consumers and government believe is unacceptable.

Leading investment and pension trade associations established the Transfers and Re-registration Industry Group (TRIG) to provide a solution. STAR was created as a partnership between Criterion and TeX to implement and deliver the TRIG framework, which is to define and shape recognised, industry-wide standards to promote good practice in transfers.

What is STAR doing?

STAR has collaborated with the industry to:

Benefits for participants

  • Highlights commitment to timely deliver transfers and re-registrations and a public demonstration of aiming for better outcomes for consumers;
  • Influence how best practice is defined across transfers and re-registrations;
  • Highlighting good performance;
  • Assists in eliminating levels of additional administration and associated costs;
  • Access to industry thinking and defined SLA / MI;
  • Supports FCA / Government thinking.


  • Improved transfer times;
  • Better communication;
  • Improved transparency;
  • Continuous improvement.


STAR will award Bronze, Silver and Gold, and accreditations based on performance against the transfer standards set on an annual basis.

This accreditation scheme is designed to encourage improvement with tiered Bronze, Silver and Gold awards based on performance. 

Accreditation is expected to be delivered Q1 2022.

To find out which providers have been awarded accreditations for their transfer services, please visit STAR members.

Gold Accreditation
Silver Accreditation
Bronze Accreditation


The Transfers and Re-registration Industry Group (TRIG) was a collaboration of 10 industry trade bodies and representatives of individual firms, who had previously worked to deliver a cross-industry framework to the challenge of improving customer experiences of moving money from one financial institution to another.

  • The Association of British Insurers
  • The Association of Member Directed Pension Schemes
  • The Investment Association
  • The Pensions Administration Standards Association
  • The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association
  • The Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association
  • The Society of Pension Professionals
  • TISA
  • UK Finance
  • The UK Platform Group

TRIG endorsed and recommended the Criterion and TeX joint venture, named STAR, to manage good practice framework.

STAR is endorsed and recommended by these TRIG organisations:

Source: The Transfer and Re-registration Industry Group (TRIG) – Industry-wide framework for improving transfers and re-registrations, June 2018 Progress Update.

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