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Investment Association’s Transfers Week


Investment Association’s Transfers Week

17 August 2021

We will be taking part in the Investment Association’s Transfers Week in September.

Andrew Marker, Head of Retail Pensions, Vanguard and STAR Steering Group Chair will provide an update on the progress of STAR and our plans for accrediting transfer performance early next year.

Please join us for a week dedicated to industry discussions, challenges and solutions to improving the transfer of money between savings, pensions and investment accounts.

Monday 6 September

Andrea Konrath, Head of Department for Investment Platforms at the FCA will provide a keynote speech on the FCA’s assessment of the impact of the regulations, and how investment firms can help achieve their ultimate objective.

Tuesday 7 September

Andrew Marker, Head of Retail Pensions, Vanguard and STAR Chair, STAR will provide an update on the progress of the initiative and the plans for accreditation of participants on their transfers performance next year.

Wednesday 8 September

David Moffat, Chair, TeX will provide his insights on the reaction of the wider funds industry to the rules and the importance of electronic transfer messaging.

Thursday 9 September

AM: Nina Jones, Head of Adviser Experience, FundsNetwork and Danny Wynn, Head of Platform Operations, Fidelity, will provide an overview of Fidelity’s experience since the rules came into effect, as a platform and fund manager.

PM: Enrique Rica-Escuder, Product Management Director, Calastone, will provide Calastone’s view on the automation solutions already available and the obstacles that prevent a full market take up.

Friday 10 September

Simon Swords, Managing Director, Fundipedia and John Allan, Investment Association, will provide a demo of the IA Common Shareclass Register powered by Fundipedia, a new and improved platform for the CSR which helps facilitate conversions.

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