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STAR Groups

The tasks STAR is expected to fulfil in accordance with the delivery and maintenance of the framework created by TRIG include:

  • The establishment and maintenance of a register of firms that have committed to meeting the terms of the TRIG framework.
  • The collection and reporting of management information in relation to firms’ adherence to the framework.
  • The governance, maintenance and development of the framework standards.
  • Liaison and accountability to regulators and other relevant stakeholders.

The CTHS Board remains accountable for this delivery, therefore any decisions that would require a change to those principles may be recommended by the STAR Steering Group but would require approval from the CTHS Board.

If you are a STAR member and would like to get involved with any of the STAR Groups, please get in touch at

STAR Governance Structure

STAR Working Groups

To create the SLAs, STAR operated four working groups, one in relation to each STAR membership category.

  • ISA / GIA
  • Personal Pension / SIPP / SSAS
  • Occupational Pension
  • Fund Manager / Transfer Agent

The working group objectives were to deliver:

  1. Industry agreed service level target timescales for the transfer/re-registration between proividers of in-scope transfers for each group;
  2. A list of steps where MI should be generated;
  3. Industry agreed standards for customer communication as part of the transfer/ re-registration process.

The outputs from the groups were:

  1. End to end process maps;
  2. Target SLAs;
  3. A list of reportable stop the clock events;
  4. Customer communication best practice standards;
  5. Risks, issues, assumptions, dependencies or change requests raised as required.

As the objectives and deliverables were met, those working groups are now closed.

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